3 thoughts on “Kindergarten MFW

  1. I am starting to plan for my first year of homeschooling my upcoming kindergartener with a two year old at home and a newborn due right before the school year starts. I like both the my fathers kingdom curriculum and the homegrown preschooler. Would integrating both be a good approach to start off with or would doing both be too much? I would love your input!


    1. We did both but did not have a newborn when we did that. I’d recommend looking at both and deciding which you need more of to fit our teaching style. HGP is more open ended, MFW is laid out by day with checklists.


  2. Hi. I am curious about your curriculum choices. I see you did the My Father’s World Kindergarten with one of your son’s which is an all inclusive curriculum to include reading, math, art, history, science and bible but you also are doing other curriculums for each of those areas. How do you juggle that? Did you purchase the My Father’s world workbook and teacher’s guide along with all the book recommendations and does your child go through all the stuff in there along with their own reading and math programs separately? Thanks. I’m trying to plan for this coming year for my Kindergarten son. Thanks.


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