3 thoughts on “Charlotte Mason

  1. Hi Elsie! My name is Erika. I met you briefly at an open house event for the living books library in our area. I just wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure to meet you & I wanted to thank you for your blog. It’s been an inspiration & blessing to see how you’re striving to offer your children such an abundant, living education. I wanted to share my absolute favorite CM resource, which has greatly blessed our family. It’s a weekly podcast called adelectableeducation.com. I think you’d enjoy it too, although maybe you were already aware of it since you’ve taken Leah Boden’s class & she was a guest on that podcast as well. Thanks again for all you’re generously sharing here, opening your heart & home to us.
    With gratitude,


    1. Hi Erika! It was lovely to meet you the other day! Yes, I love the delectable education podcast. Such a refreshing and encouraging source! Thanks for your kind words. Hope we bump into each other at the library again!


  2. First, THANK YOU for sharing parts of your life in order to encourage other homeschool families. It is so helpful to see how other do things for inspiration and excitement. I find all these homeschool moms in the blog world helpful and encouraging. I’m just starting out with my oldest being 4. I am loving reading Charlotte Mason’s original 6-volume set(but I’ve only read the first volume so far).

    I have seen you have a lot of out-of-print living books. If I want to start keeping my eye out for them when we’re at used books stores or library sales, where did you find out about them? Is there a list compiled somewhere of older living books? I understand what living books are and I can identify them if I come across them but it would be helpful to know titles or authors as I begin to keep an eye out and for eBay searches….

    Thanks for any ideas you might have!



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