MFW Kindergarten: Dinosaur



There is so much to be said for keeping it simple.

Oftentimes I see blogs jam packed with crafts and handouts and activities that perfectly correlate with our topics and I have that moment of “oh gosh, I need to do these things so we can really get the most out of this curriculum and he can really get this topic cemented in his head, etc.” Even after all the research and life experience, I STILL get tempted to do this sort of thing. Thats when I know we need a really, really simple week. This happens at least once a year and with this round of MFWK, it hit on Dinosaur week.


My husband took my eldest two on a trip up north to visit their grandparents and I had a list a mile long of all the Dino related activities we would do while visiting my Mom’s house.

Friends, I scrapped almost all of it.

We did the MFW exercises and read lots of fun dinosaur books and played games, but all the extra stuff we usually do? Scrapped.

Instead, we spent time with my family. I am blessed to still have all four of my grandparents in good health. We soaked up our time with them and I loved seeing my little guy bonding with each of his great grandparents over cuban coffee and lychees and mangos and naptime. It was great and it was time very well spent.

Oh, and lets not forget relaxation time…
MFW K really, really, really doesn’t need embellishment. Thats the truth right there. It doesnt need extra handouts or more activity or more ways to keep your child busy. You can personalize it and expound on things your child enjoys or add something special to make it memorable, but more work or stress? Nope. Doesn’t need it.

Thats the truth about our week with the Dinosaurs. We giggled, we laughed, we learned a bit and we soaked in life and love and the wonderful, oh so wonderful and fleeting, feeling of being in Kindergarten.

Keep it simple, friends!

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