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The alternate title was: “Where did you get that…?”

If you have ever watched one of my Instagram lives or attended any of my speaking engagements or heard me at a conference, you know that I repeatedly say the following: “This is just what works for us. My hope is not that you try and make everything I do work for you. Unless you’re a night owl named Elsie and you live on a small farm in South FL with 4 boys of varying learning abilities and love CM, CC, HGP, etc., chances are an exact replica of everything I do will not work for you. My hope is that you see one or two things that work for you. Or perhaps that you find a bit of inspiration or encouragement that bring clarity as you piece together what you want your homeschool to look like. Learning, especially learning in the home, should be personalized! Forget about copying and start modeling with a heart to construct your own vision.” I also frequently remind people that my son has all of his therapies here in our home which is why we have so many tools. You don’t need all this stuff to homeschool. Please don’t look at this list and think that you have to buy all of the things. You don’t. You really, really don’t.

But since you guys send in so many emails, messages, DMs and comments asking “Where do I find that/Where did you get that?” I decided to compile a list of our favorite Homeschool supplies. My first few years of homeschooling were spent buying whatever was cheapest, which meant I was constantly replacing broken junk. Over time I discovered that we actually saved more money in the long run by getting better quality supplies a little bit at a time. For example, Id rather spend more money on Stockmar crayons that don’t break, leave beautiful brilliant colors and last ages and ages than have to buy a new pack of Crayola every month or constantly melting down fragments all the times to make new ones. Ever burn yourself using one of those precious little shape molds during a valiant effort to repurpose crayon fragments? I just don’t have the pain threshold or the time for all the thriftiness/preciousness anymore so Stockmar crayons it is! ****A reminder that yes, we are a single income family so I never (NEVER) purchase all the things all at once.****  I’ll be adding to this list whenever people write in and ask “where did you get that….?”

With that said, here is the list!!


Favorite supplies:
Ticonderoga Pencils– the ONLY pencil that doesn’t break all the time. A box of 96 lasts  a good long while!
Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayons I just checked and I last purchased these in March of 2016 and they are still kicking!
Stockmar Beeswax Stick Crayons Remember that prices on Amazon fluctuate! Be sure to check some of the other store resources at the end of this email for alternate price comparison.
Prismacolor Colored Pencils
Paint brushes
Fine tip dry erase markers Perfect for our Essentials chart work!
Pencil sharpener So full disclosure our electric pencil sharpener is from the 70s. But when it dies, I am getting this one!
Drawing pencils
Sheet Protectors

Rainbow Cart
Book Stand: Ok, ok. Technically, it a recipe stand. We have six of them now and we use them all day, every day and I’m not exaggerating when I say, it is my main “must have” for homeschooling.
Book Display
Folders One pocket for each day of the week! I use this for all my notes.
Gummed tabs


Paper Goods:
POSTERS Check out PAPER SOURCE for $3-4 Cavallini wrapping paper.
Drawing paper
Watercolor paper
Lessons books
Astronomy lesson books
Book of Centuries
Narration books  Great for transitioning from oral narrations to written narrations.
Comic book paper for narrations


Handwork Supplies
Needle Felting 
Roving wool
Crochet hooks
Knitting Needles
Wood Carving
Carving Tools
Thumb guard
Walnut carving blocks


Kitchen Supplies:
Boards, Pans, etc. 
Raddish Kids

Curriculums we love:
Right Start Mathematics
The Homegrown Preschooler
Playful Pioneers
My Father’s World Kindergarten
My Father’s World Adventures in US History
Beautiful Feet Books Early American History
Beautiful Feet Books Ancient History
Beautiful Feet Books Geography Study
Beautiful Feet Books Character Study Through Literature
Beautiful Feet Books Music History Study
Tapestry of Grace
Pin it! Maps
Exploring Nature with Children
Blaze New Trails

Student Writing Intensive Level A ($109.00)

</a></div>”>IEW- Phonetic Zoo Spelling

Student Writing Intensive Level A ($109.00)

</a></div>”>IEW- Student Intensive A


Favorite Stores:
Bella Luna Toys
Treasures From Jennifer
Imagine Childhood
Magic Cabin
Paper Scissors Stone
Miller Pads and Paper
Rainbow Resource








12 thoughts on “Back to (Home)School!

  1. Thank you for your insight and wisdom, from a homeschooling(former teacher) mother of 4 boys, I am refreshed and encouraged by your creativity at home and your love of learning and family. God Bless you and your work!


  2. Thank you for this post! Your blog/instagram is a huge inspiration for how I would like to run my homeschool. I have been reading through so much information and homeschool styles, and when I found your blog I finally found some peace! Now I’m tailoring our homeschool to fit us, and it is much more fun for me and my little! My only complaint is that you don’t post every day! 🙂 Thank you and keep up the great work!


  3. I have to thank you for taking the time and effort (and more time and more effort) to put together my Christmas list for this year. Outstanding. And I have to thank you for your blog. The posts teem with inspiration, wisdom and humor, and they have given me encouragement beyond description. God bless.


  4. Do you laminate the posters before you hang them up on the wall? Or are they heavy paper to begin with? They are such neat posters!


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