Wild Explorers Christmas Guide

This post turned out differently than I expected. Our favorite adventure store JM Cremps is no longer selling online. If you live anywhere near Mall of America, congratulations! JM Cremps will still be there for you. You should probably just visit that store and support them instead of purchasing anything off this list. For the rest of us JM Crempsless souls, here is our list of favorite gift for Wild Explorers + Mad Scientists.

1. Stocking Stuffers for Wild Explorers

Our Uno set is about 30 cards short so its time to get a new one. This Wilderness set is a perfect stocking stuffer!
This camping logbook for the whole family to use!

Individual water proof  field notebooks. These have survived the washer dryer cycles at our house and come out the other side like champions!

2) National Parks Goodness
First and foremost, BECOME a Junior Ranger! You can sign your kiddo up and get together a few of the badge activities off the website and box them up for your explorer on Christmas Day!

National Parks Monopoly



3) Camping Books

One of our favorite Camp books. All the kids adore it.


3) A sturdy backpack
I always thought these were over hyped and way too pricey, but after tossing out 4th cheap back pack at the end of another year, I decided it might be wiser to just invest in backpacks they can use for years and years to come. These beauties are used for hikes, road trips, airplane rides, co-op days, and random backyard adventures. They’ve held spilled liquids, squashed bugs, old sandwich crusts, bloody kleenex, sticky clementine residue and an assortment of crumbs, bits of string,  random pieces, odds and ends that children always seem to gather, and they are a snap to clean and still look wonderful and function beautifully. These backpacks have a surprising amount of resilience and fortitude to the abuses of the average male child. I am a fan. I even bought one for myself.  They come in a hundred different colors and styles.



4) A REAL Compass. 6126NSRnlSL._SL1000_.jpg

5)  The Acme Thunderer
We never ever hike without this whistle. We usually take two. It can be heard up to a mile away. We wear it on a lanyard. One for me and one for my child who tends to stray.

6 A membership to your local Nature Center or Science Museum. The gift that keeps on giving!|


7. A set of travel watercolors for the Wild Explorer that loves to sit out in nature and capture what they see.

8.  A new water bottle 

9.  A Sturdy Pocket Knife  and keep it safe in a belt pouch.

10.  STILL one of my favorite gifts for kids. These Emergency Paracord Bracelets are wonderful!




One thought on “Wild Explorers Christmas Guide

  1. I live near the MOA ( : are you saying most of these items are for sale in that store, or just that its the best adventure store?


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