Tinkerers & Crafters Christmas Guide Volume 2


This one goes out to all the Tinkerers & Crafters!

Let’s start with the Tinkerers…..

1. Electronic Playground
Hands down, the favorite gift of the year last year! This one packs an incredible amount of experiments and the hours of learning and play are rich! We also love Snap Circuits.


2. Electronics for Kids


We love magnetic blacks. Magformers, magnatiles, we love them all. These basic sets go a long way. The big boxes are pricey but if you are limiting toys in your home and only want to buy one great toy, these are a great set to own. This is the main toy my little guy plays with when I am teaching his older brothers!

4. Lego Technic RC Racer
This was another gift we received from grandparents last year and it was a huge hit. A step up from regular Legos, the technic sets (which you can find for as cheap as $15 or upwards of $200) give the kids a chance to build with more moving parts.

5. K’Nex Rollercoaster
This will be our first year delving into these bigger K’Nex projects!


6. The Way Things Work NOW by Dave MacCaulay
We love the classic “The Way Things Work” and this updated edition is fascinating! We love seeing the new pages on touch screens and digital cameras and much more.


7. Kuman Uno Smart Robot Car Kit
We are jumping up to some bigger building sets for my Tinkerer this year.

8. Mousetrap

9. Hape Quadrilles
Any of the Hape Quadrille marble runs are so engaging and well made. We had a plastic one that broke very quickly. This one is still going strong!

10. Erector 25 in 1 Building Sets
These sets are wonderful! I love that they can choose from so many options and build and rebuild several times.


And now for the crafters!

1. Candle Making Kits
Amazon says that these yield 10 candles, but we divide the sheets and make 20 nice sturdy tapers.
2. Chapstick Tubes
This one might sound crazy at first, but making your own chapstick is so much fun (and incredibly economic!) These are a great gift to give an entrepreneurial kid that loves to sell homemade items at craft fairs. Here is our favorite recipe.

3. Handicrafts Made Simple
These wonderful DVDs are from Simply Charlotte Mason. They taight my boys and I how to crochet, knit, hand sew and more. We love them and highly recommend them!


4. A Crochet Kit
This is the one my boys each start out with!

5. Needle Felting Kit 
I also love these simple kits….

6. Sewing Patterns from Clemetine Patterns
We are finishing up our first projects and they’ve been such a delight!


7. Craft Boards From Jennifer
These beautiful crafts boards are sturdy and easy to clean. I’m picking up a few for Christmas this year to save my dining room table from further abuse!

8. Weaving Loom

9. Personalized Stamps
Perfect for a little someone who churns out a lot of creative work and wants to put their stamp on it! 🙂

10. Space of their own!

Even if its just a small space

Or a bigger space for older kids….

Its great to give them a gift that acknowledges their gifts and provides them a stepping stone for the next step!

We’ll be back in a few days with more guides!


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