Bird Nerds + Book Worms Christmas Guide Volume 2


Its that time of year again! We’re sharing our favorite picks for Christmas in our Christmas Guide series. (You can find Volume 1 of the Bird Nerds + Book Worms Guide HERE) This will be the first of five lists coming out during the course of the next few weeks.  Enjoy!

Bird Nerds

  1. BESPIN Bird Map
    They had me at tear resistant and water proof. This is a two sided guide that features 583 birds. You can display it or fold it up and take it with you on the trail or to co-op. 
    2. Bird Calls 

    I know there are all kinds of fancy on the go bird call gadgets, but we love this one. Its beautiful and it never needs batteries. 

3. The BEST Bird Feeder
When my youngest was 3 we stopped seeing birds up close on our nature walks. This was because he was constantly hollering and everything within a 200 yard radius would take flight before we could get a good look.  This window bird feeder was a game changer! We had so many lovely feathered friends visit our school room window that year,  it made a bird nerd of him for life!


4. The Sibley Birder’s Life List and Field Diary 
This is a journal to keep for life! Room for field notes and a check list of all bird species so that you can keep track of what you have seen and what you have yet to see.



One of our favorite games and a beautiful gift for children.



6. Bird Puzzle 

I heard about this little puzzle from a fellow bird lover. She recommended it just in time for Christmas last year and it ended up being my youngest son’s favorite puzzle this year! At only 35 pieces, its perfect for the youngest bird lover


For older kids, this 1000 piece puzzle is beautiful and so much fun to put together!

7.  Binoculars
Upgrade to a nicer pair that won’t break the bank but that give your bird nerd a better view of their finds. These are light weight and water proof!

8. The SWEETEST Song Bird Tea Set
I’d consider this a splurge. Full disclosure: Never seen it in person, never used it, just about DIED when I saw it online. Eeep.



Last year’s list had a great book list of ideas! Rather than repeat all the same books, I’ll just let you visit last year’s list. You can find two other great book lists here and here. This year I’ll be adding a two new books to the list, plus a few extra items that make me smile!

1. Sir Henry and the Chalk Dragon
Quite possibly our favorite new book of the last few months. I cannot fully express just how much my kids enjoyed this story. I won’t give any of it away but I will say that this is a story that constantly tips its hat to other great stories and it was so much fun to hear my kids belly laughing and calling out references to other stories they love. I can’t recommend it enough!


2. The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner 
The boys know I read this book last month and they are dying for it to release so they can read it too. I’m just as eager as they are. Its a wonderful story and I am so thrilled that it will be out in time for Christmas!


3. A Weighted Lap Pad
We bought this small weighted lap blanket for my youngest son to use while at co-op. I didn’t foresee him using it much at home but it turns out that he LOVES to use it while reading. The other kids love it too. It comes in a variety of colors and styles and its washable. HOORAY! This would be a great gift for anyone on the spectrum that loves to read!

4.  Library Socks
There are so many different pairs! I love the Count of Monte Cristo Socks and the Mo Willem’s Pigeon socks best.

5. Book Light
Our favorite LED (RECHARGEABLE!) book light for the kids. It has three light settings including orange light which is so helpful in making sure they can rest once the lights are off!




4 thoughts on “Bird Nerds + Book Worms Christmas Guide Volume 2

  1. Hi there! Thank you for sharing these wonderful gift lists. I purchased the weighted lap blanket for my son, and he loves it!


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