Homeschool Mama Christmas Guide

It’s Mama’s turn! Here are a few fun ideas I put together for that special Homeschool Mama in your life that probably emailed you this list since you don’t follow my blog. J/k…kind of.  Half way through composing this I realized that this could also be titled “Homeschool Mama Book Nerd Christmas Guide” but considering how most of my friends have a built in Book budget every year, I am thinking we’ll survive the abundance of book related suggestions here.  Here we go!


Homeschool Mama Stocking Stuffers:

Literary Postcards

or these if she is an Essentials/Grammar loving Mama….

A Book Lover’s Cup of Tea
Its a tea infuser shaped like a book (Squeak!) and a small book of favorite tea mixes and tea time recipes.


Wild + Free Ts
These sweet cozy Tshirts rock a powerful message. “Saving Childhood” is my favorite.


Moisturizing Socks
Guys, I have four pairs of these socks and I love them. I know its silly and probably unnecessary, but there is just something so sweet and comforting about the fact that I can slip on moisturizing socks and feel a bit pampered in the midst of raising four boys. Especially on a day when someone leaves a trail of blood down the hallway after getting punched in the nose or when coffee has spilled on our timeline book (again) or when someone’s science project accidentally starts a small(ish) fire. Silly frivolous things, like a pair of moisturizing socks, can inexplicably save a mama’s sanity on a day like that!

A Powerful Read-
Here are a few of my personal favorites
Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child by Anthony Esolen
Death by Living by ND Wilson
Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins
The Original Home School Series by Charlotte Mason (This set is on sale again!!!)
Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie
The Life Giving Home by Sally Clarkson
Different by Sally Clarkson



A subscription to a beautiful magazine!
Here are three wonderful options:
Wild + Free  I am admittedly biased here since I have been writing for them these past two years, but I will say that this is a wonderful group of homeschool mamas putting out a great deal of beauty and goodness each and every month. Subscribers receive a print magazine each month along with a large digital content bundle full of book club ideas, nature journal tutorials, stories, encouragement, craft tutorials, etc. Once you subscribe you also have access to the full archive of conference talks!
Common Place Quarterly  This brand new quarterly magazine is put together by a band of dear hearts with a desire to encourage CM educators. Each magazine will be a whopping 80 pages long! Check out the link to pre-order.
FORMA Magazine:
Another quarterly magazine with a great deal to offer! Once you subscribe you will have access to their entire digital archive and receive an additional compilation edition each year. Whenever FORMA arrives in the mail it takes up residence next to my reading chair and every afternoon for about two weeks, I sit with my cup of tea and spend time reading and rereading it. The poems in the latest edition were so beautiful, I read them every day for a week.


Book Darts

A ‘Novel’ Journal

This journal is THE BEST EVER because you can write your own story between the lines of your favorite story. Yes, you read that right. I have the Louisa May Alcott journal and Little Women is printed in an ultra fine print which act as the lines of the journal. I write about our homeschool days within those lines. Oh my heart! So sappy! So wonderful! I love it. They have Anne of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Emma, Sherlock Holmes, The Wizard of Oz and more!


Fair Trade, Dark, Milk, filled with caramel or hazelnuts or salted, pick your poison! Just CHOCOLATE.

A Dorky Mug
Like this Shakespearean Insults Mug to sip your thrice reheated cup of coffee from whilst contemplating why thine children have chosen this day to behave as though light of brain.

Encouragement & Love
Have the kids write some letters about their favorite things they’ve learned this year and what they appreciate about their Mama. This will probably be greater than anything you wrap.

Under The Tree

A Gift Card for a Family Photo Session
Find a local photographer and book a session for your family.

A Big Box of Tea and a Weekly Time Slot
Amazon happens to sell a box of 500 organic tea bags that often goes on sale for around $20.  This would be a lovely gift to give along with a protected time slot each week that Mama can use for lesson planning, mother culture, or a nap!

A beautiful edition for the weary…
Hinds’ Feet on High Places

A Membership

Here is something truly special to bless a homeschool Mother’s socks off. I have spent the past few days soaking up Sally Clarkson’s “Life With Sally” site enjoying podcasts, bible studies, recipes, resources, reviews, articles, author studies, artist studies, the list goes on and on. This place is jam packed with goodness and underscored by a heart for mentoring.

A Weekend Away They’ll Never Forget!
The upcoming Wild+Free Conference in Frisco Texas is shaping up to be an incredible weekend! I am excited to be speaking again but I am even MORE excited to listen to Susan Wise Bauer, Leah Boden, Sally Clarkson, Julie Bogart, Jodi Mockabee, Jennifer Pepito and many more, share their hearts with us all. This is definitely #notyourmamashomeschoolconference! I am so excited to hang out with my friends, listen to great bands, dance like no one is watching and fill my heart with inspiration in the DEAD OF FEBRUARY which is historically one of the most difficult months of homeschooling because tanks start running LOW.

Carrot Top Paper Shop Swag
Pretty much ANYTHING from the world’s cutest shop


Speaking of adorable Etsy shops… I drool over this shop, SWEET SEQUELS, all the time. I am eyeing their 21 Baker Street Shirt and this Narnia Map T.

A Laminator
Chances are she already has one, but just in case…get thee laminated. We always say its “for the kids” but kids typically don’t care if something is laminated.

For the Mama with a heart for Mother Culture, get some tickets to help feed her soul.
A Shakespeare play, a night with the symphony, tickets to an art gallery or poetry reading.


Homeschool Uniform
I LOVE ME some JCrew PJS. Make sure you check back often for sales and to peek over at JCrewFactory for even bigger discounts.

Ok, so this might just be on MY wish list but good golly, that rotating scrabble game. Be still my heart!


A Bath Caddy

Just file this under, things we would gush over if we found them in a hotel but would probably never think to purchase for ourselves.


Merry Christmas Mamas!


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