Pin it! Maps USA and US History Bundle


FINALLY!!! I have been waiting a long time to get my hands on this beauty of a bundle. If you have followed us for the last year, you know how much we love Pin it! Maps. If you are new around here check out: this, this and this. Also, check out the Pin it! Maps site and check their FREE TEACHING MATERIALS tab for lots of free goodness.

How I wish we had these for our study of Adventures last year! We assembled these as fast as we could and started pinning away. My eldest is always amazed by how much better he understands Geography when he can get a 3D look and hands-on approach. If you have a kiddo struggling with Dyslexia, visual disorganization, etc., I highly recommend giving these a shot. My son is obsessed with the Revolutionary War and when we pulled out the map and started pinning he could not stop shrieking in excitement. “I can see it! I can see it now! I understand! This is awesome!”


These maps are just as beautiful as the previous bundle. Its very clear that a lot of love and time and effort went into these maps. They are hand drawn and shaded, incredibly accurate and so thoughtfully laid out. I love the biomes presented on each map legend. We are focusing on biomes in MFW ECC this year, so you can imagine the excitement.

The boys were eager to point out the carefully drawn landscape around certain battlefields to put them in context with nature and history and geography all at once. If I am going to introduce a resource into our home, I need it to be functional and rich in its learning texture and potential versatility, the USA and US History bundle meets this goal and its gorgeous to boot.


Pinning the tribes onto our 1800s map was also a great experience. One of my children noted: “People always make it sound like America was empty and waiting to be discovered. But it was already full, wasn’t it?” The visual connection hit home.



I kind of want to do Adventures and Beautiful Feet Book’s Early American History study all over again!!! These maps can go with any study. When we return to our Classical Conversations Cycle 3 study of US History next year, I will definitely be using these maps. My mind was racing with potential unit studies so I laid out a few possibilities!

The bundle comes with: US Land and Water Forms, US States and Capitols, US Flags, American Indians, The Thirteen Colonies, American Indians & Early Settlements, The Revolutionary War, The French and Indian War, The Civil War, and Westward Expansion.


Guess what? The brilliant cartographer behind Pin it! Maps has generously donated a USA and US History bundle for us to GIVEAWAY!!! EEEEEP!!!!

This set includes:
3 Pin Maps — (USA, US History 1800s and Early America)
11 Control Maps (listed above)
557 flag labels! (state & historical)
Plastic flag poles, bases
Scotch tape

All you need to get are the quilting pins 🙂

We assembled ours while listening to audio books and are currently storing all our flags in several $0.97 pencil cases from Walmart.


How to Enter:
This GIVEAWAY is happening over on Instagram! So head on over and follow @farmhouse_schoolhouse and tag three friends! If you “like” Pin it! Map’s Facebook page, then add the phrase “Pin it bonus!” when you tag your three friends and you’ll get an extra entry for reading our blog!

We’ll announce a winner on Friday September 30, 2016.

Thank you Pin it! Maps for the giveaway!

7 thoughts on “Pin it! Maps USA and US History Bundle

  1. This is so cool! I had forgotten about these maps until I saw your post on MFW Adventures! Thank you for sharing with us the chance to win!


  2. Just checking to make sure instagram is only way to enter giveaway. I have been drooling over the US bundle but we don’t have an istagram account…only facebook.


  3. I’m new to Instagram, so I’m not sure how to tag three friends on there. I would so love to enter for a chance to win this bundle! I’m also very interested in how you combined MFW Adventures with Beautiful Feet Books. Thinking about doing this myself, so I will be spending time poring over your website! Thank you for sharing!!!


  4. How do you store your maps? We just bought the set for our year of American History and I’m trying to figure out where/how to store them. They suggest an art portfolio but I can see my kids damaging them trying to get them out of the portfolio. Curious what you do. I’m considering piecing together poster board to make a portfolio that opens on three sides. 🙂


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