My name is J and I am the other half of Farmhouse Schoolhouse.  I am a homeschooling father of 4 young boys, which means that about once a month I retreat to a quiet room of the house, hold my head in my hands, and wonder “Why on earth are we doing this?  Public school is still free, and 8 hours a day, right?”  Well, this section of Farmhouse Schoolhouse will be where I share the experiences that drive me into those moments of quiet retreat in the first place, and the many factors that coax me back out and encourage me to continue walking down this homeschooling path with my family.

“Live and learn” is a common mantra around here, and we are willing to share what we have learned as we progress.


Given that Elsie is a bookworm and I am an engineer, our perspectives should be diverse enough to present a broad view of the daily academics and experiential learning that make up our homeschooling life, and what works and what doesn’t.  My intention in writing is twofold: to share my experiences as a homeschooling dad with other homeschooling dads out there, and to provide homeschooling mommas with a perspective on another father’s role and duty in the whole homeschooling process.


Finally, Elsie and I are adamant about the purpose of the Farmhouse Schoolhouse blog, that through sharing ideas and experiences, other families in the homeschooling community can be encouraged and strengthened.  Hopefully this can be a place where you find unique and interesting ways to strengthen your family through educating and nurturing your children.


So welcome to Dr J’s Corner. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Hi.

  1. So glad to see this. This is our second year homeschooling. We are now adding our second child. My husband is starting to show interest in being involved. We are lucky he works from home, traveling occasionally. Something we are trying to figure out. This will be very interesting for us. Gives him some inspiration as well. Thanks!


  2. My husband is an engineer and also interested in helping other homeschooling dads see the vision of homeschooling and to find their role in it. We have a God vision to build an empowerment & enrichment center for homeschool families in our community!! We both look forward to reading your stuff (well, me first and then I’ll share with him :-)).


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