MFW ECC: North America/United States Part 2


Our second week of United States study happened to fall over the 4th of July! Love when things work out that way.

The boys used their Pin it! Maps every day this week! It woke up one morning and found them hard at work on their maps. I drank my tea (while it was still hot) and just stared at them.  Getting to this place felt like the longest, messiest road trip ever and yet it felt like only minutes had transpired. They can start their day without me. They can start their lessons without me. An idea sparks and they know how to chase it and explore it. It took a lot of intentional repetition to get them here. We still have a long way to go, but we see the light! woo-hoo!


Let me establish something before I get into the hard stuff. I love My Father’s World. I love the company, I love their dedication to spreading God’s word and their work in Bible translation. I love that my boys first years in education have been spent with this company. Ok, now that I have said the above….

I have mentioned in other posts that Exploring Countries and Cultures has already been a bit of a let down. I was bummed with the science but as time marched on I realized that the “Exploring World Geography” book would also be a “no go” for us.  We tried to do several of the worksheets and the kids never remembered what they were about the next day. I may take a few ideas from the book and use a few pages for group activities, but I definitely will not hand each child an enormous stack of handouts and ask them to mow through it all. (UPDATE: Just fond out the EWG is meant for slightly older students, which makes sense. It was scheduled in the regular learning cycle schedule so it looked as though they were recommending it for lower level students. So skipping EWG is not a big deal at all!)


So the boys will be exploring the world this year on their own terms. We will still follow the ECC schedule, use POE as a guideline, complete the student sheets and recommended reading and of course, use MFW for Bible.

Last night I let them stay up late with all of their library books and they took notes and drew pictures and dug for treasure in those pages. I came back in and they were so excited to tell me all that they had discovered!


We are midway through our Morning Time materials. Our Simply Charlotte Mason studies of Chopin and Monet are going so well. The boys have learned two hymns by heart, “I Sing the Mighty Power of God” and “To God be the Glory.” They are working on their sculpting together and my seven year old is making strides with his knitting. We are about to move on to hats and hand towels because we only need so many scarves here in South Florida.


We had so much fun learning about trees this week! The boys really enjoyed taking a close look at different species of trees in the various forests and learning about the ecosystems they are a part of.


Of course there is nothing like experiencing the real thing. This guy is about 30 feet in the air. He has always been a climber. Once he started crawling, he started climbing and he has never stopped.


My husband and the boys traveled up to Philadelphia, PA for the 4th of July weekend. It was so wonderful to celebrate the birth of our nation where it all started. They even snuck in a Phillies game with their grandparents!


So with all that I shared in this post I’ll end with saying that its hard when expectations are not met. But homeschooling requires constant evaluation and reevaluation. We know our children best and I am so glad that I can make changes as needed for my children. I love that they can really dig into their learning and make it their own. I’ll be sharing more in the weeks to come about how we “chase the spark.”


4 thoughts on “MFW ECC: North America/United States Part 2

  1. Okay, Elsie, here’s a question…you list the best books and we (as you know) are 100% on board for living books based learning, BUT between hero/character books, focused study books (like birds, etc), poetry, and just generally good books, how do you have time for all the reading/organize all the moments for reading/make sure it’s not a firehose of info and images for little ones?


  2. So glad to read your post! I’ve been slightly disappointed in MFW ECC this year too, and I thought it was just me!! PHEW! But yes- so glad as homeschoolers we can adjust when needed.


  3. We are going to be pulling our kids out of an unacceptable school situation and beginning homeschooling. They’re in 5th, 3rd, and 1st grade. I was about to buy MFW ECC and then I came across these posts. Now I’m wondering if it would be better to start with MFW Creation to the Greeks and get our geography with Pin It! Maps. I don’t believe in busy work and tons of worksheets, and I don’t want to buy a curriculum that I won’t be using large chunks of. Do you have any advice? I was a teacher before the kids were born, I’m interested in designing our own curriculum, but this year we’re already getting a mid-year start, and I just need something that we can follow along with.

    1) Would you say you’re using half of ECC or more or less?
    2) Have you used Creation to the Greeks? Do you have the same criticism for it as ECC?

    My email is lauriesibley (at) gmail (dot) com if you’d prefer to respond that way.
    Thank you!


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