Storytellers & Bookworms Christmas Guide


Near and dear to my heart!! Here is a list for the storytellers and bookworms out there…

For the blossoming storyteller…


Blank Hardback Books


A colorful collection of journals

A simple voice recorder for kids with dysgraphia, dyslexia, other writing difficulties or kids that simply want a place to quickly record ideas.


Blank Comic Books are always a hit here in our home! Oh, the possibilities!

Story Cubes


This fantastic storytelling game


A corkboard to use as a story board for laying out the direction of a story.


And now for the Bookworms…

This rechargeableLED booklight (with eye care light setting) gives us 60 hours of reading per charge.


My boys inhaled the fabulous Wilderking series by Jonathan Rogers. I’m planning on posting more about them soon. For now, I’ll simply say that they read through these books in just a couple of weeks. Then they listened to the audible recordings (perfomed by the author) and were absolutely enthralled. These stories sparked hours of outdoor play, adventure, drawings, reenactments, weapon making and reasearch on animal tracks, bogs and swamps.


Here are a few other books and series I’m heartily recommending….


Now you might be tempted to think of these shorter books by SD Smith as just something to tide kids over till the next installment of the Green Ember series releases, but make no mistake, the adventures of Jo Shanks are highly anticipated stories here in our home and receive just as much fanfare as the central stories produce. A few weeks ago at co-op, I overheard my boys and their friends in heated discussion about The First Fowler and Ember’s End (releasing in 2020) and the anticipation is high for both stories! First Fowler releases on the 16th of December and we are counting down the days!


For kids that love stories like Homer Price or Andrew Henry’s Meadow, check out the delightful Mad Scientists Club series by Bertrand Brinley (brought back into print by Purple House Press). Oh, how much laughter these stories have brought into our home. Its ushered in some pretty rascally ideas too!


The Alvin Fernald series is in a similar vein and quite delightful. (Check out Alvin and the Secret Code if you have a child partial to mystery stories!)


One of our favorite graphic novel series is the exceptional Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales. The 9th book in the series was released on December 3rd and all four of my boys are hoping to unwrap it on December 25th. (We also love Tintin, Calvin and Hobbes and Asterix the Gaul).



Lastly, one of our favorite stories from earlier this spring, Sir Henry and the Chalk Dragon by Jennifer Trafton. My boys connected with the wildly imaginative Henry and were thrilled by all the shout outs to other greta books in the story.

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