Christmas Gift Ideas- Wild Explorers & Unplugged Kiddos

So many of you have been asking for gift ideas, we decided to come up with a list to share some of our favorites! Well, a few lists. Today is the list especially compiled for Wild Explorers and Unplugged Kiddos. Next will be our list for Babies & Tots and Book Worms. And then finally,  our Schoolroom Gifts and Imaginative Play Gifts. No affiliate links here–just products we genuinely love.

For Wild Explorers

A compass necklace — we have had many a compass meet their doom on the trail. These are sturdy and sweet and oh so fun. Kiddos ready for the next level? Try the Classic Lensatic Sighting Compass.


A sling shot and a little canvas pouch full of our favorite nature trail ammo…beans.


Gorgeous Pocket Identification Guides from clever homeschool mama, Allyson–the heart of Tanglewood Hollow (an Etsy fave of ours!).


A trusty bandana is always useful. We love our “survival” print bandana which is packed with useful information.  There are tons of other print options with the link above. Another great option? The National Park bandanas from Imagine Childhood.


We use a jewelers loupe called The Private Eye on our hikes. This rock magnifier looks handy too.

Imagine Childhood

Our boys love this pocket knife from JM Cremps. If you aren’t ready for the real deal, they also sell little toy pocket knives that look very realistic.

JM Cremps

We’ll be upgrading from mini rucksacks to bigger packs this year. Tuck in an Acme Thunderer whistle if you decide to build a pack for Christmas. These whistles can be heard from nearly a mile away.

For tiny explorers or explorers with sensory needs check out J-stitch’s brilliant backpack vest option.


If all that pick and choose is too much stress and you would rather buy a ready made kit, check out Mirus Toys! Another homeschool Mama hard at work. Her whole shop is lovely.

Mirus Toys

Last but not least, sign up to become a Wild Explorer! We love receiving our magazine every month, completing our weekly assignment from the one and only Ranger Ben, and earning patches every time we complete a level! They have free two week trials, sign up and give it a go!

For Unplugged Kiddos

After a year with Tinker Crate my kids were ready to move on to something with a little more life! Check out Compass Crate, created by two homeschooling mamas and packed with creativity, artistry and love. My boys adored their autumn crate and all the activities inside. What a happy mail day to unpack such a visual feast and then dive in to engaging hands on activity with all the kids. Check them out!


The Garden Game is a recent family favorite, along with Wildcraft, Into the Forest and Out on the Desert.

Then there is our favorite puzzle of all time by one of our favorite shops of all time.  We love all the puzzles in this series, but Animal Folly is far and away our favorite.

Hand roll some beeswax candles! Add some darling bee cards from the incredibly talented Alice Cantrell. (She has lunar phases, insects and butterflies too!)  Speaking of incredibly talented, check out The Rumpled Crow Shop on etsy. That is one creative household!


For those less crafty Mamas, we have LOVED the handicraft DVDs from Simply Charlotte Mason. My boys have learned how to knit and crochet thanks to these wonderful videos.  Pick up needles and yarn and let them create!

Slack lines. They are wonderful and we use ours constantly.

Bella Luna Toys

This gorgeous dollhouse from Mama Made Them. Its currently on our wish list. The size is perfect for a schoolroom with less space and its lovely to boot.

Mama Made Them

These handheld marble mazes are delightful. If I could buy everything From Jennifer…I would. Her traceable alphabet board is a household favorite. I love buying from fellow homeschool Mamas!

From Jennifer

3 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas- Wild Explorers & Unplugged Kiddos

  1. This is such an INCREDIBLE list and thank you for all the wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts! Can’t wait to see the other lists, also! ❤️


  2. Great post!!! Some of my favorite Etsy shops as well!! The nature cards you listed specifically are sold out but she has some other great ones 🙂
    Thank you for taking the time to do this! I am almost done with my shopping and this will help me round out the stockings. Can’t wait to see your imaginative play list!


  3. Do you have a recommendation for an appropriate age for a kid to start to whittle sticks and such with a little knife? Is there a knife you’d recommend for this? Thanks!


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