Adventures MFW



My Father’s World Adventures: Getting Ready!

My Father’s World and Beautiful Feet Books Part 1

My Father’s World and Beautiful Feet Books Part 2  

Unit/Week 1: Vikings

Unit/Week 2: Columbus

Unit/Week 3: Jamestown

Unit/Week 4: Native Americans

Unit/Week 5: Pilgrims

Unit/Week 6: New Netherlands

Unit/Week 7: Michigan Pioneers

Unit/Week 8: Benjamin Franklin

Unit/Week 9: George Washington

Unit/Week 10: Revolutionary War

Unit/Week 11: President George Washington, Delaware

Unit/Week 12: New Nation

Unit/Week 14: States & Birds

Unit/Week 15: States & Birds & Evaluations

Unit/Weel 16: Daniel Boone & Weather

Unit/Week 17: Wilderness Road

Unit/Week 18: Eli Whitney

Unit/Week 19: Ohio Pioneers

Unit/Week 20: War of 1812, Lewis & Clark

Unit/Week 21: Robert Fulton

Unit/Week 22: West by Wagon, Human Body

Unit/Week 23: More States & A State of the Union!

Unit/Week 24: Morse & Human Body

Unit/Week 25: Gold Rush & Geography Study

Unit/Week 26: The Trails & States of Matter

Unit/Week 27 & 28: Abraham Lincoln & Civil War

Unit/Week 29: States & Language Arts

Unit/Week 30: Transcontinental Railroad

Unit/Week 31: Pioneers on the Plains

Unit/Week 32: Inventions

Unit/Week 33: Edison, Ford and Wright Brothers

Unit/Week 34: The Very Last Week Ever!

5 thoughts on “Adventures MFW

  1. I really love how you do My Father’s World! THIS is what I want our daughter’s school to feel like. We are looking into this curric for our little girl next year, she’d be doing Adventures. You clearly put your heart into their schooling, my question is… how much of this (activities, ideas, just plain awesomeness) comes straight from the curriculum, and how much comes from you researching and finding fun stuff? I hope that makes sense as a question. 🙂 I am trying to get ready for what to expect when I buy the curriculum and get ready to plan it out.

    You guys make homeschool look SO FUN!!!!! Thank you for being so encouraging! 🙂


  2. Hey there! I am a momma of four boys just starting our homeschooling journey. We live in Montenegro as missionaries and your beautiful blog has been such a resource to me! I refer to it so much I decided to just print the ‘adventures’ year out and have it spiral bound! You are such a blessing to our family!


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